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What is Booktube?

Booktube is a platform named after Youtubers who base their channels strictly about books and anything related to it.


I started my channel and posted my first video on April 19, 2017. I post a video every Monday and Thursday at 12:30 P.M. I travel a lot so sometimes my postings will be a little off or I might pre record and schedule posts. What you will find on my Booktube channel is everything related to books and their amazing events. Videos about Book Tags, Book Hauls, Un haul’s, Un boxing’s, Monthly Wrap Ups, Recommended Reads, Book events, Currently reading, and the best for last GIVEAWAYS!

– Book Tags

  • Book Tags are super fun to do and it is a way you can show some sides of your journey in life and how well this community been for you. There are hundreds of tags about books and some of them are personal as well. To participate in a tag, either someone tags you in one or you just do it yourself

– Book Hauls/Unboxings

  • I love book hauls, but can be very hard sometimes. When someone buys an amount of books, then that is a book haul. Every month normal people buy a few books, but us Bookworms go BOOK BUYING CRAZY and end up with 10+ books. We promise to read what we already have and make a promise to ourselves of not buying more books, until the temptation gives in the next month again. Unboxing’s are packages or boxes received in the mail and decide to make a video opening your package.

– Book Unhauls

  • Don’t like a book and want to get rid of it? Need more space on your book shelves? Have multiple of the same book? That means you need to unhaul some books. When you need to get rid of books, then you either sell them or donate them. Unhauling can be easy, but also very hard.

– Book Events

  • Every year there are different kinds of book events in places around the world. There are some events where only bloggers, teachers, media people, famous booktubers, and invite only are allowed to be there. In book events, I will be vloging my whole experience, get arcs, and getting my books signed by their authors.

Currently Reading

  • Each month I will be uploading what I am currently reading or will read. I usually pace myself with about 3-5 books at a time, but I take my time also.

– Monthly Wrap Ups

  • At the end of each month, we share about all the books we have read within that month. Then, we share our thoughts, opinions, and give a small review for others to find new books to read or just add to their TBR list.

– Recommended Reads

  • I want to share all the amazing books I have read so far in different Genres. So, I usually choose bout the top 10 books in a specific genre and share my thoughts about it as a recommendation for others,

– Giveaways

  • My favorite part about this community are the FREE books we can win through giveaways and contest. I always sign up for contest and who would not love a few free books? I will be doing giveaways of my own and also running a few giveaways from authors.

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Wanna know a little more about my bookish world of Booktube, Then please watch the video below of My Booktube Newbie Tag & Introduction.

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